Classification and application range of automatic screw locking machine


2023-03-22 15:40

Automatic screw locking machine according to the working principle can be divided into blowing automatic screw locking machine, suction automatic screw locking machine;

1, blow type screw machine can be divided into: handheld screw machine, single axis fixed blow type screw machine, multi-batch fixed blow type screw machine, platform blow type screw machine, online blow type screw machine, etc.

2, suction screw machine can be divided into: adsorption type screw arrangement machine (screw feeder), multi-batch fixed suction screw machine, platform suction screw machine, online suction screw machine, etc.
According to the automation program can be divided into: semi-automatic screw locking machine, single position automatic screw locking machine, automatic screw locking machine

1. Semi-automatic screw locking machine is mainly hand-held and aspirated feeder (screw arrangement machine), which refers to semi-automatic equipment requiring personnel to assist in completing the locking action

2. Single simplex automatic screw locking machine mainly refers to the platform blowing/suction screw locking machine, and the single axis/multi-batch fixed screw locking machine refers to the single process automation equipment that requires manual up and down feeding machine to independently complete the locking action

3. Automatic screw locking of the whole machine is also called online automatic screw locking machine, which refers to the combined automatic equipment through the upper and lower procedures without direct intervention of personnel in the process of locking (mainly refers to the other section or several sections of the whole line automation).
Automatic screw locking machine application range

1, plastic: plastic shell products (including mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, toys, electrical appliances, etc.);

2, hardware: hardware machine tooth screws (hardware accessories, electronic accessories, door locks, hardware);

3, furniture: private tapping wood tooth screws (doors, Windows, sofas, office furniture and other wood furniture);

4, electronic: PCB, PCBA, plug steel material, nylon material, bakelite and so on.

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