Can automatic screw locking machine lock the products with small spacing


2023-03-22 15:38

Multi-axis automatic screw locking machine with a lock to complete, fast and efficient characteristics, by the majority of customers like. But what is not known to outsiders is that it is not applicable to all products. Some products, especially electronic components, can not be positioned because the spacing between the two screw holes is too small.

Multi-axis automatic screw locking machine design conditions positioning shaft spacing is greater than 20mm. That is to say, the distance between the product screw holes should be greater than 10mm. In order to ensure that the two adjacent batch nozzle can be maintained at more than 20mm, to ensure more accurate positioning.
Although it has the requirement of spacing, but as long as the efficiency requirements are reduced, it can also use the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine. It seems a little inconsistent, but Huya technology according to the actual situation of customer products, in the case of reducing a certain efficiency, to achieve the maximum efficiency of automatic screw locking machine.

The solution to this problem is to divide the product screw locking process into two parts, which can well solve the problem of narrow space and close screw holes. The rotary disk scheme can realize multi-station synchronous operation, that is, the two screw locking processes can be carried out at the same time, so that all screws can be locked at the same time.

This method of locking payment for different work stations can perfectly solve customers' problems and realize automatic production. Therefore, some products with small spacing can also be locked to pay, in the end can you please call for advice, tiger technology immediately to provide you with the best solution.

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