What are the advantages of desktop automatic screw locking machine?


2023-03-22 15:40

1, the operation is simple, the traditional manual screw need one hand to take the screw, the other hand also needs to lock the hole to pay down, the whole operation process takes a very long time, and the automatic screw locking machine can be very direct solution to this problem, the operation process only need to manually press the start button can be without too much manual operation, can operate very simple.

2, powerful, desktop automatic screw locking machine has a good detection function, can automatically detect sliding teeth, floating lock, leakage lock and other functions, can maximize the control of screw quality, to ensure the quality of each lock pay.

3, lock pay efficiency is very high, an automatic lock screw machine can replace a number of manual screws, lock pay a screw takes about 1.5 seconds, the efficiency is 2-3 times of manual, can reduce the cost.

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