Maintenance method of automatic screw locking machine


2023-03-22 15:39

Automatic screw locking machine has a very important help in daily work, in order to make it play a better role, correct maintenance is very important.
1, do a good job of automatic screw locking machine safety detection. Although the equipment is designed and manufactured with the safety of its use fully in mind, in order to ensure its normal operation, regular and itinerant inspections must be carried out to avoid mechanical accidents and ensure production safety and life safety.
2. Correct choice and reasonable deployment. Any type of machine has certain technical requirements because of, structure and other characteristics. If the machine can be used reasonably in strict accordance with the regulations, it can give full play to the efficiency of the machine, reduce machine wear, extend the service life and reduce the use cost. For the problem of machine deployment between projects, timely grasp the demand and exit information of automatic screw locking machine in advance, arrange the secondary maintenance in the process of equipment call, and solve the contradiction and conflict between use and maintenance.
3, personnel training, certificate personnel training including operational skills training and personnel safety education training. Personnel training and education should be planned, deployment, inspection, evaluation and targeted: first, grasp the access of automatic locking screw machine operators, do a good job before the three-level safety education; Two is the preparation of automatic locking screw machine safety operating procedures manual, sent to the site operators; Three is to do a good job of automatic screw machine operation management personnel safety training.

The shorter the service life of automatic screw locking machine and other mechanical equipment, the higher the reliability, the longer the service life, the lower the reliability. The lower the reliability, the easier the mechanical equipment failure, the more serious the physical wear and tear of the equipment, the higher the maintenance cost. Modern equipment is capital intensive equipment, equipment investment and use cost is very expensive, urgent need of equipment management economic benefits.

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