What is the working principle of automatic screw locking machine?


2023-03-22 15:39

With the rapid development of industry, automatic screw locking machine has gradually replaced manual screw locking, greatly improve the production efficiency, save labor costs. Now, many enterprises have completed fully automatic production. The whole production workshop as long as the use of advanced high-speed running machinery and equipment, praised by many enterprises. Continuous learning and introduction of new equipment is the key to continuous innovation and development of enterprises.
So, what is the working principle of automatic screw locking machine?
The working principle of automatic screw locking machine is mainly completed by feeding, locking and placing. The specific process is as follows:

Feeding: Select the feeding mode of drum, hook screw, turbine, vibration plate, etc., arrange the screws of vibration guide rail in order, transfer to the screw distribution system, and then send the distributed screws to the locking nozzle below. The effect of air tube pressure.

Lock payment: The batch is moved up, down, left and right in the desktop space. Spindle has upper and lower stopper. Move the bit nozzle to the top of the screw hole and secure the limiter to ensure that the bit does not touch and scratch the product. After the screw hole alignment, the machine drives the electric batch pressure. The electric batch has the function of pressing down. The screw contacts with the screw hole, and the electric batch is activated to complete the locking. When the lock ends, the batch will stop scrolling. The machine will lift the electrical batch and the screws will be sent to the batch nozzle. Automatic screw locking machine Moves the electric screwdriver to the next screw hole for continuous screw locking.

Worker operation: The worker places the product on the fixture, waits for the machine and equipment to lock the product, replaces the product, then places it as a locked product and continues the same operation. The screw locking machine is convenient to operate, convenient, time saving, labor saving, can save manpower, improve the efficiency of enterprise locking station.

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