What are the characteristics of screw machine industry?


2023-03-22 15:38

First, high speed will be a relatively obvious trend. Now there are many kinds of automatic screw locking machine products, and the application scenarios in the market are constantly expanding. But at present, there is still a problem that the current equipment is not high in the speed of work. With the continuous development of innovative technology, the equipment in the future industry will definitely develop in the direction of high speed.

Second, AI implantation will be a new development direction of the industry

As AI technology continues to mature, many of the original automation skills will be reinvented, whether it is the way of work, efficiency and other aspects will be completely different, this situation will also be realized in automatic screw locking machine products. It is foreseeable that the future of this industry will go the way of large-scale AI implantation.

Third, the industry will be more segmented

In the previous equipment usage scenario, due to the immaturity of technology, it is used in one or two fields, and the correlation is relatively strong. But with the breakthrough of the application of new technology in the future, there will be various types of subdivisions in the automatic screw locking machine industry, which are used in many unfamiliar fields.

With the development of science and technology, it will become an inevitable trend for automatic equipment to replace some simple and repetitive jobs. Automated equipment will also usher in a new era of manufacturing. Of course, not every product or industry can be automated. Mature use of automation equipment in the industry, the process itself is suitable for mass production of pipeline automation, and the use of automation equipment more electronic, digital industry, also depends on the characteristics of its production products and process characteristics. Depending on the situation, companies also measure their input-output ratio.

The use of automation means large-scale industrial production, and if the factory has not found a balance between standardization and mass production of products, then the replacement of automation equipment for human labor may not be an affordable solution. Of course, it does not have to be mass production and large plant layout to use automation equipment, small workshop type of unified mass production can also be used automation equipment. For example, the application of hand-held automatic screw locking machine is more suitable for the production and processing of small enterprises. The space of the future workshop may be reduced due to the addition of automatic equipment to the production line, and is no longer proportional to the expansion of personnel.

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